Tarshish Shipping S.A. is……

  • …A Group with an unparalleled worldwide network, allowing us to be the local supplier whenever you need that local knowledge.
  • …A Group that prizes its people above all else, training and leveraging that prize to the advantage of all related parties.
  • …A Group with emphasis on providing a ‘lifetime of careers’ to our sea-going staff to ensure that opportunities are offered to those people who wish to secure office based employment in one of the many Tarshish activities.
  • ...A Group providing full management services from purchase through to commercial operation focusing on customers' needs.

Differentiators……..what makes us different?

  • Flexible solutions tailored to the needs which are also attractive to your clients.
  • Marine, Safety & Quality control, because quality and compliance is the issue.
  • Our average down time across the fleet is less than 0.5 day/year.
  • A crew base to ensure availability and quality, with dedicated long term base.
  • A commitment to cadets and training to ensure that the seafarers supply base is maintained.
  • Geographical spread to ensure an immediate Local response to a vessels problem.
  • An experienced shipping knowledge base, to deal with any situation, experience, or predicament.
  • Full regulatory compliance and pre-emptive of those to come.
  • A full budgeting, accounting, variance reporting service.
  • We invest more in systems, training, IT and recruitment in the industry.

Our Group offers the full range of services to the Shipping Industry

  • Crew Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Flying Squads
  • Shipyard Services

Our Romanian, Bulgarian Crew Managers are the first Romanian, Bulgarian independent manning agents to be certified under Maritime Labour Convention 2006, and among the first three International Manning Companies activating in Romania and Bulgaria.

Tarshish Shipping S.A. employs British, German, Georgian, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek/Cypriot, Croatian, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Indonesian crew who operate the vessel in accordance with the highest quality, security and ecology standards.

Our existing pools are likely to increase due to extremely high interest in Greece/Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar for seagoing career, Officers and Ratings inclusive. 

The commitment of Top Management has ensured that this is not an exercise in mere paperwork; the benefits experienced from working within a structured and streamlined organization have enabled the company to provide a professional and reliable service to our clients.

The Joint Venture will allow our partners to pursue the best opportunities on a larger scale and cater to the increased needs of their clients.

Drydocks World Dubai with Tarshish Shipping S.A. operations employs dedicated and skilled Technical expertise from Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece.  We are able to engage experienced technicians for a short or a long term projects. Starting with the process of conceptualization and design with our Project Managers with experience on new buildings, concersions and Ship Repair Managers, down to Supervisors in engineering, Work Preparators, Foremen, welders, mechanics in procurement and construction, through to the commissioning and delivery stages with our locksmith and our electricians.


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