Our Bulgarian Crew Manager assures you of a warm welcome in our office in Varna where a qualified staff will give you full information about your future work.

Our Bulgarian Crew Manager is dedicated to providing excellent seamen with fluent Maritime English to Ship-owners/Managers, crewing companies and experts-supervisors for shipbuilding projects worldwide from the Black Sea Region. Our Crew Agency is situated in Varna, Bulgaria with main purpose to supply our principals with well qualified and competent Bulgarian crews and Surveyors/Repair teams.

Bulgarian Quality crews selected by our manager and are fully comply with international STCW’95 standards and are carefully checked by the minimum safe manning document for each estimated Vessel.

Our main goal is to procure highly skilled and motivated staff. All our Bulgarian candidates have to check and pass our entrance tests, personal interviews, medical tests, English language skills. Our Bulgarian seafarers, flying squads, supervisors and experts can easily fly to different destinations without any specific travel arrangements, as they are European Union citizens.

We ensure that all our Bulgarian seafarers arriving at the vessel have all their papers valid (certificates, endorsements and training) complying with STCW and the  International Labour Organization’s Maritime Labour Convention Standards required for their position, type and flag of vessel. Our Bulgarian agency is searching for candidates according to vessel specification, trade and owner instructions.

Whether its ship repair or new construction, vessel owners rely on the delivery timeline we provide to set their schedule. We excel at meeting demanding schedules and minimizing project risk. Applying lean manufacturing processes has systematically boosted operational performance on a continual basis to facilitate building and repair of world class vessels more efficiently.

We also specialize in new construction, repair, automation & control systems and conversion of ships, workboats, rigs and offshore wind farm components with our Bulgarian Flying Squads.

We offer all crew members high social standards and safety on board. Your forward planning of employment is also our duty. Our customers value the cost-effectiveness, high standard of quality.

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