WLS was established in the year 1996, to be the vehicle to provide well trained Sri Lankan crew to the international shipping industry. They are a premier marine services Group of companies, in Sri Lanka. The core activities focuses on Crew Recruitment, Ship Husbanding, Bunker Brokering, Agency.

Tarshish hereby appoints WLS to provide Indian, Sri - Lanka crew members to Tarshish on certain terms and conditions, to be employed on ships owned or managed by Tarshish.

WLS guarantees that all the Officers employed, speaks and writes good English with approved Certified ISF Marlins. All other employed seamen must have a knowledge of English appropriate to their ranks.

WLS guarantees that all crew members are qualified and hold valid certificates for their proposed position in accordance with revised CTCW78/95 requirements and/or SOLAS regulations and are physically and mentally fit and certificated for sea service including a pre-joining examination for Alcohol and Drugs as per Tarshish Drug - Alcohol policy. All certificates and official documents are to be provided either in English or with attached certified English translation.

The WLS conducts a continuous assessment program for all registered seafarers after giving them the necessary trainings to adapt to the particular trade pattern and the ship types of our clients. The WLS do comply with all national and international regulations, specially MLC 2006 and ISO certificate, maintains the International quality standards too.

The Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC) Maritime Campus who were in need of training to make themselves competent for employment aboard foreign vessels. CINEC has also complemented WLS crew recruitment efforts by providing the necessary training facilities for those who require it. CINEC has one of the best equipped training facilities in Asia.

We are totally committed to offer all requirements including applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We have set ourselves objectives to achieve customer satisfaction and to demonstrate efforts in continual Improvement.

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