Tarshish appoints Crew managers to provide Georgian, Ukrainian seamen to Tarshish on certain terms and conditions, to be employed on ships managed by Tarshish.

Tarshish will instruct Masters, other Officers and Ratings supplied to them by the Crew Managers in the main rules and regulations of the Company as well as ISM.

Our Crew Managers database contains Georgian, Ukrainian specialists with proven sea-service at all kind and type of vessels of different DWTs. 

We guarantees that all crew members are qualified and hold valid certificates for their proposed position in accordance with revised CTCW78/95 requirements and/or SOLAS regulations and are physically and mentally fit and certificated for sea service including a pre-joining examination for Drugs and Alcohol as per Tarshish policy. All Certificates and Official documents are to be provided in English. 

Furthermore all our senior officers, deck officers, engine officers are licensed and certified in compliance with the requirements of the STCW-95 and ISM code and are trained at all required special training courses. 

All employed Georgian, Ukrainian seamen speaks and writes good English with approved certified ISF Marlins.

Our Crew Managers have strong relationship with Georgian & Ukrainian Marine Administration, Maritime training centers which provide us with good and qualified specialists. 

Our Crew Managers shall arrange for all required vaccinations and inoculation as advised by Tarshish prior to crew joining a designated vessel. Following pre employment medical tests to be conducted and medical certificate to be send by email to Tarshish.

Tarshish Shipping is committed to providing the highest levels of service to our customers.

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