To work in conjunction with other onboard personnel towards achieving the Company's stated principles and objectives.



The Chief Engineer is responsible for:

  1. The engine department and the safety of the crew, machinery and environment directly within its control.
  2. The implementation of the company's policies which are contained within the company manuals and other official company instructions on all machinery related operations, safety and environmental protection.
  3. The onboard discipline of all the engine department officers and crew and the appraisal of same. The safe operation of the vessel's machinery and technical plant.
  4. The monitoring of performance of the main propulsion and auxiliary machinery.
  5. The accurate monitoring and control of the vessel's fuel and lubricating oil consumption, and the status of fuel and lubricating oil bunker quantities.
  6. The bunkering of fuel & lubricating oils and other fluids as appropriate. The maintenance of the main propulsion, auxiliary machinery, cargo handling and deck machinery.
  7. The compliance with statutory and classification survey requirements, with regard to machinery and relevant spaces.
  8. The accurate entry of all operational machinery parameters by the watch-keepers/duty engineers in the engine room log.
  9. The reporting of any accident or damage to the vessel's machinery or technical plant.
  10. The safeguarding of the Owners' and Company's interests at all times.
  11. The supervision and training of Engineer Cadets.
  12. Acting as Ship Security Officer along with the associated duties contained in the Ship’s Security Plant.
  13. The undertaking of any other duties or instruction as required by the company.
  14. The safe and efficient operation of the Engineering Plant as per SMS requirements and manufacturers' standards.
  15. Ensuring good working conditions and maintenance of all onboard machinery and equipment, keeping proper records and adequate supplies of spare parts and tools.
  16. Implementation of the SMS procedures and requirements within his own Department.
  17. Proper manning of Engine Room watches; familiarization of engineering personnel with the power plant, the firefighting arrangement within the Engine Room and SMS requirements.
  18. Maintenance of all Safety and Environment related equipment and devices of his Department in full readiness; assigning specific maintenance/repair works to the Maintenance Teams.
  19. Ensuring proper safety, good hygiene and conscientious environmental protection rules and practices by engineering personnel.
  20. Ensuring compliance to the Company's policies regarding Safety, Hygiene and Environmental protection by all repair teams while on board Company's vessel.
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