To work in conjunction with other onboard personnel towards achieving the Company's stated principles and objectives.



The Second Officer is responsible to the Master and C/O for:

  1. Acting as the vessels Navigation Officer responsible for monitoring the condition of all navigation equipment, for correcting/updating all charts and associated navigational publications and for preparing passage plans to be approved by the Master. Any deficiencies which may affect the safe navigation of the vessel are reported to the Master.
  2. Implementation of Company's SMS procedures in all activities that fall under his responsibility.
  3. Applying safe working practices while carrying out orders by his Senior Officers as dictated by good seamanship, normal practices and Company policy; all addressed in the SMS Manual.
  4. Keeping all Charts, Nautical publications, Chart Correction Logs and Chart folios up to date (as per weekly notices to Mariners and navigational warnings), prompt disposal of all cancelled /replaced charts and preparing voyage/passage planning. Keeping a safe navigational watch as instructed by the Master.
  5. Assisting the Chief Officer in his duties as per the latter's instructions. Keeping a cargo/port watch as instructed by the Chief Officer.
  6. Ensuring proper maintenance and monitoring of all safety and pollution prevention equipment assigned to him by the Chief Officer along with detailed keeping of appropriate records and inventory (i.e. lifesaving, firefighting equipment etc).
  7. Taking charge of a mooring party.
  8. The Start/Stop, Maintenance and updating the gyro compass and its Log.
  9. Providing medical first aid under the supervision of the Master.
  10. Maintenance and inventory of the ship’s medical stores.
  11. Updating Master lists, station bills and individuals' station bills.
  12. All administration concerning Port requirements (i.e. Crew lists, Vaccination lists etc).
  13. Assist and to take the opportunity to understudy the Chief Officer to ensure the safe and efficient cargo planning and operation of the ship. Such understudying will include the knowledge of the cargo plant, its maintenance and upkeep. The C/O will be responsible for the suitable training of the 2/O in this respect, giving due regard to the potential future promotion of the 2/O.
  14. Any other duties as instructed by the Master and C/O.
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