To work in conjunction with other onboard personnel towards achieving the Company's stated principles and objectives. In the absence of the Master, the C/O is in command of the vessel and assumes the Master's responsibilities.



The Chief Officer is responsible to the Master for:

  1. To prepare and execute plans for safe loading, carriage and discharge of cargo.
  2. Acting as the Deck department team leader in an emergency/crisis response situation.
  3. To plan and oversee maintenance of hull, decks, superstructure, accommodation, cargo, spaces, and deck and cargo machinery. To ensure that the vessel is always in a seaworthy, safe and efficient condition. Maintaining an up to date and accurate record of deck maintenance.
  4. To plan and carry out necessary surveys in good time to ensure vessel always remains in class.
  5. Responsible for cargo handling including tank cleaning and COW operations, ballasting/deballasting operations including the allocation of specific duties to other Deck officers.
  6. To stand his watches at sea and ensure that the vessel is always safely navigated when at sea and safely moored when in port. To take appropriate actions in conformity with all relevant regulations and operational needs and to abide by Master's standing instructions.
  7. Monitoring all situations which may result in environmental pollution incidents and to take appropriate preventative measures.
  8. To ensure that Company regulations, guidelines and policies are followed in respect of all vessels’ operations and maintenance.
  9. Acting as the ship’s Safety Officer including the promotion of safe working practices and the conducting of regular safety inspections.
  10. Ensuring all shipboard safety equipment is maintained and regularly tested.
  11. To assess training needs of subordinate staff under his control and impart the appropriate training to ensure that they are aware of safe working practices and the need to operate the vessel in an environmentally friendly manner.
  12. To impart necessary guidance to any cadets or trainees assigned to his care.
  13. To maintain constructive and harmonious interdepartmental relations and with those working directly under him.
  14. To ensure the conformance of all safety, hygiene and environmental protection rules and practices by all onboard; keeping the medicine chest and providing First Aid.


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