To operate the vessel with the highest level of safety in accordance with the Company's stated principles, policies and objectives.



The Ship Master is responsible for:

  1. The overall command of the ship.
  2. Safeguarding the safety and life of the crew, to protect the environment, to safeguard the safety of the ship and her cargo.
  3. The safety of the ship, her crew, cargo and the environment. Also the safeguard of the Owner's and Company's interests at all times.
  4. Implementing and promoting safe working practices.
  5. The implementation of the Company's Policies as contained in the VMS and other official Company.
  6. Ensuring that health and hygiene conditions are up to the highest possible standards.
  7. Implementing the Company's safety & environmental protection policy, and motivating everybody onboard towards its observance.
  8. Promoting familiarization and training related with the SMS requirements.
  9. Issuing appropriate orders in a clear and easily understood manner.
  10. Reporting all deficiencies of the SMS
  11. The on board discipline of all Officers and Crew and appraisal of same. Also the supervision and training of Deck Cadets.
  12. Overriding all standing procedures in case the safety of the ship is in danger; employing salvage assistance at his discretion with no prior approval.
  13. Ensuring the compliance of the vessel with national law, international conventions and the requirements of visiting ports and countries.
  14. Ensuring adequate stability trim and stress at all times.
  15. Performing master s reviews of the vessel safety management system and reporting conclusions to the SMS designated person; informing the designated person on matters that have slipped the attention of the safety management system.
  16. The checking and monitoring of any cargo plan and operations prepared by the Chief Officer.
  17. The communications with the Owners, the Company, the Charterers and any other party required.
  18. The maintenance of the ship's and crew certification required for trading.
  19. The maintenance of the ship and her equipment.
  20. The maintenance of all the Company and other records which are required to be maintained or submitted.
  21. The reporting of any accident or damage affecting the ship, her crew or her cargo to the Company and other Parties as found necessary.
  22. The proper accounting of voyage expenditure etc and the safe keeping of the Company funds.
  23. The execution of the Charter of the vessel in a professional and competent manner.
  24. The checking of bunkers and stores prior to commencing a voyage to ensure that sufficient are onboard.
  25.  The undertaking of any other duties or instruction as required by the Company.
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